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Why, do we always put ourselves at the back of the list……… is a good question, but can you answer it……….without saying my family comes first, this is an obvious answer, and we all know and respect that,but, we also count and by treating ourselves from time to time,with the most tiniest of things, it does not have to be gigantic and expensive, a tiny little thing can boost our moral, bring a smile to our face and give us that feel good sensation. 


When we hold that little thing in our hands, it could be a beautiful scented candle, a picture frame, a book, a coffee mug, perfume, skin cream, personal writing paper, underwear, jewellery a plant or bouquet of flowers, the list could never end……………………but you can see the range of things and maybe anyone of those would make you feel good, so why don’t we do it.

treatyourself 2

There is no excuse for not treating ourselves well, it has nothing to do with money, if we are rich or poor the way we treat ourselves, is how we see ourselves, and we deserve everything good there is to have, it is our right, and our obligation to care for ourselves, we need to do this to bring out the best in us, to show the world the best we have to offer.

What many of us never stop to think, is that, “no one leaves this wonderful place alive”, so maybe this way you can see the importance of how we treat ourselves, we are not something we should just remember from time to time, we need to be up front on that list, we are not an after thought. We need to enjoy the food we cook and share with our family, when we are outside, we should take pleasure in the different elements and seasons we go through, and most of all say what we feel deep inside, let it out, let the people around you know how you feel, don’t hide your emotions away, let them fly high, be you, laugh cry and be angry when you feel it, open your heart and your arms to all the love that is in the world, waiting for you as there really is no time for anything else. 

treatyourself 3

If you feel that you do not treat yourself right or spoil yourself enough, then start today to make those changes, when you make those changes in your life, you will see how people start to react to you in a different way, when you respect yourself and show it, people will also show you respect, a different respect and love than before. As I have said before, we have to love ourselves to allow anyone else in to love us or for us to give love to another.  You cannot give this job to someone else to do, they can join you in that love, and then it can be shared and enjoyed. 

treatyourself 4

Never forget this, I hope you all have a fabulous day and enjoy everyday with love ❤



Brooke Universal Coach



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