When you are deep in thought about your future and where you want to go and what you want to achieve, do you ever think that your surroundings, your living space and working space, could be at fault, they could be letting you down, when you are not happy with your surroundings it is difficult to find inner peace and the concentration needed to bring forth the fruits of success, that you would really love to achieve, it could be love you are looking for whatever it may be, the happier you are with your surrounding the more success you will have regardless to what it is you want.ย 

When your home talks to you and wraps itself around you in a welcoming way, you feel secure and content, you have things around you that bring you memories happy or maybe on days a little sad, you have your life with you in each room, the aromas are familiar to you and you feel good, there are numerous things a home should always have, you should light your home with low lights, scented candles and little lamps, you should have throw overs to cuddle into and cover yourself and this also can give your older sofa a new leash of life, show your passion and hobbies, things that interest you, let people know that this is your home, your personal seal should stand out amongst all else, fill your home with friends, family pets ,books pieces of beauty and wonderful tea or coffee!

living surroundings 3

Each space, will have something special for you, you make these special feelings with how you show yourself, the kitchen to me is a great place, it’s a family place and its a place that people love to congregate, maybe it is the aromatic senses that lead them in that direction, I have pictures,plants, hanging peppers and onions, I love that rustic feel, low lights and just love the general atmosphere …………………………My bedroom looks out over the covered terrace and garden, I love to see the different fabrics and greenery allย blending together in coloured pots, my yoga square,and my favourite books and magazines always close by to touch and disappear into, I can enjoy all of this from my bed, the perfect touch is morning tea and organising my day in the mind, trying to foresee how it is going to go! Family photos and little bits and pieces that you have bought or someone special to you, it can be the smallest of things, but you know when you look at it, that person will come to mind and lots of happy memories with it, your general living space should always be comfortable to you, with comfy chairs and sofa….colourful cushions that brighten you and your room up. If you have a working place that is separate, it also should be inviting to you, when you feel comfortable and at ease with your surroundings, your mind will work for you, full of imagination and creativity. If you feel you have a few areas that are letting you down, take inspiration from magazines or things you see around you………….nothing feels better than re-vamping a room, change the furniture around add a little colour where possible, the most important thing is that you feel good when you are there, do not think that this only applies to magazine or tv homes, if you lived in a tent or under a bridge and felt good, you have managed to place your stamp on it ! Some times less is more, it just needs to give you the boost you need to be happy in your life and work.ย 

living surroundings 1

So how well do you think your canvas is doing ? If you are not happy with your surrounding, it will be difficult to find the success you are seeking. Again I have to state here, if you are not living in the home of your dreams it does not stop you from being happy where you are right now, make your surroundings the best you can, make your way to what you want, but always be happy in the process.

The secret is to set your intention, take that first step and just keep moving forward……………….

living surroundings 4

Make the magic happen in your life……………………….<3



Brooke Universal >Coach






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  1. Yes! That’s why instead of moving house . We are Redecorating, getting rid of old useless clutter and broken items and going for a new look x


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