GROWING OLD………………………

growing old 2

Never be afraid to have another birthday, what is written above is so true, many have been denied, as each year passes we grow , we appreciate the little things in life, that we maybe did not even see before, our capacity to feel empathy and emotions grow, we usually become better people, age is a strange thing it is loved as much as it is disliked, we gain experience and maybe more patience, we understand on a deeper level and note things for what they really are.


growing old 1

Think of this quote, that everyday is going to be better than the last, is that not a lovely thought, your attitude to life is now so different from years ago, or as the case may be, will be, you may doubt this, but if you had the possibility to look to the future you would understand what life is all about, we can make everything and anything what we want it to be, it is a question of choice, do you choose to live a happy life, regardless as to what happens, that is your choice and always will be.

growing old

A mature love is full of kindness and respect, it is love on another level from when you are younger, the connection has grown in many directions and meanings, happiness is within and simple little joys in life will bring the flows of happiness into your life, your appreciation of live is lived in a different way, when there is happiness you can live very much in the now, 

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You are never to old to have dreams, set goals and go into action !



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