What does menopause have installed for you, many women pass through different stages, no two are the same, there are a few little symptoms that seem to affect everyone, and of course all females go through this time, some better than others.

Avoid osteoporosis, don’t let those bones get fragile, the ability to absorb calcium changes the same with vitamin D (which we can find in fish, eggs and taking the sun) both essential for good bone density, this is why it is important to increase your milk intake and regulate your vitamin D.  The female frame is more prone to osteoporosis, being more fragile and passing through the menopause as we suffer a decrease in estrogen. The estrogin keeps the equilibrium in the cells which renew our bones,allowing them to refill what the body eliminates. It is advisable to have an intake of 1.000mg of calcium a day, especially during and after the menopause.


Enjoy your life, it is important to face life in this moment with positivity, the menopause should not be lived as something negative or with a sense of loss. On the contrary , this is a new period opening up in your life,and in most occasions it is when you will feel truly fulfilled and free and know personal maturity. Do not let this opportunity pass you by and live this time with vitality and accept the natural changes that happen within your body  and emotions which can affect you. Just take it as a new simple step in your life, it is not an illness and it is not the end of your life, the fact that you can not reproduce anymore is not a great thing in our present society !! 

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Exercise, make the effort and exercise, even if you never have before, it is important, you need to make drastic changes,so start now, a good walk about 30 mins  a day , 5 days a week, we do not have excuses, you don’t have to go or join a gym or buy a load of sports gear, just get up and work, you will be so grateful later on….Walking has great positive results and effects on you, it increments the production of melamine which is associated with the sleeping habits, it allows you to sleep better during the night, you will also find it affects your humour which releases endorphins which are important in this stage of your life. The sport will also reduce anxiety, depression and helps the sleeping pattern which can go a big out of sync for a while, and of course dont forget it can help with your weight, it will help to keep it stable.




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