Focus breathing

Walking at a good rhythm, opening well your lungs and oxygenate your heart. Check if you are doing these basic steps well or do you need to change a few things, for your little walks to be more beneficial to your heart health and health in general.

Good healthy lungs are fundamental to be able to breathe well, and also for your blood to travel well filling your body with oxygen ,it helps you’re the work of the heart. Taking a little walk at a lunchtime really is a good way to get this oxygen you need. It will approve your heart resistance and can help to delay up to 10 years of the developement of heart/lung problems, for this reason it is important to know how to breath properly ,doing the right exercises may also keep the risk of cholesterol at bay. 

focus breathing 1

The correct way to keep control of your breathing while walking, is to inhale through the mouth the same time as taking one step and through the nose when you step up the pace, and exhale during two steps, when you exhale make sure you do it slowly and through the mouth during the time of two steps. If you do this everyday, you will learn how to empty your lungs well so that the breathing will be more fluid.

When you breath incorrectly through the mouth or through the nose or not superficially, your heart will need to engage in more strength than normal to function well.

Learn how to exhale correctly, concentrate more in exhaling than inhaling, if you empty the lungs well you will be able to fill them easier and will not need the extra strength on the heart. 

Keep your back upright, and your vision straight ahead to help the breathing.

Train your lungs to expand and release, blow balloons up during the day this helps to get to grips with your lung capacity. Blow bubbles into a glass of water using a straw, expand the trunk of your body, sit and push your hands with fingers entwined straight in front of you, lift them to your limit while breathing in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

focus breathing 2


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