THE POSTCARD !…………………………….

When was the last time you sent a postcard, and do you all know what one is ? in the age of emails,messenger etc., who needs a postcard, the phone takes a picture, so you have instant image, and of high quality, so this is one thing less a postcard use to do, and still does, if people buy them. 

old postcard

You may be wondering, why , I thought of a postcard ! I was going through a beautiful old box that my Grandmother left me, which is full of fabulous photographs and bit and pieces and I found postcards, they are so pretty, they have butterflies with Mother of Pearl wings, how unique is that, they were sent during the war years from my Grandfather to here while they were stepping out, as she called it “stepping out” now there is a saying !!

old postcard 1

It is amazing that the postcard is still in circulation, years ago, when you were on holiday it was one of the first jobs you did (or our parents did) send the postcards, probably more so because they took so long to get to their destination, and it was also another way of ensuring people you were okay, arrived safe and sound, and letting others know you were on holiday,or at least in another destination !!

old postcard 2

The beauty of the postcard, except for the obvious, can be seen as a romantic gesture, like the traditional love letter, I did do a post on that a long while ago, it is so special to receive something written by the hand of your loved one, it can be your son, daughter someone who holds a special place in your heart, and something rare these days, I love to receive cards and letters, they are so personal and warming to hold and treasure, it really is not quite the same as electronic mail ! what a downer……… I know that all the technical help we have now, is fabulous, look, you would not be reading this now, just think around the world in 80 seconds, it really is marvellous if we stop and think about it……..but on a personal level, would you not love to receive something through the conventional mail….keep it, treasure it, like me with my box, what is this generation going to leave behind ……………….not a lot ? 

old postcard 3

When I hold these special memories of my Grandmother, all carefully wrapped in tissue paper, I feel the emotions written here, just think what lovely stories these memories are telling us, an electronic A4 piece of paper, just does not do it for me, think of museums in years to come, will we look at a disk, a pen, and have to plug it in ? Maybe this is the end of the glass case era….

old postcard 4

So, I would say to you, if there is still a little of the old romantic in you, if you still like losing yourself in a little history and you still like to make people feel good, take pen to paper, card…………….. and write what you truly feel, it is also very good for you as a person to release your emotions and dreams, when we write things down they have much more power, so forget the electronic key board for 5 mins and feel the flow of the magic pen………………………………



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3 Responses to THE POSTCARD !…………………………….

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    I love postcards. I love to send and receive. As a result, a couple of years ago, I found Postcrossing online. You join and get to send up to 8 postcards to people near and far. You also get that many sent back to you. Although you can’t write lots on a postcard, you can share a little bit about yourself, and your city, state, and country.

    It’s nice to open the mailbox and see how far a postcard has traveled. You can post it on the Postcrossing website as well. They prefer it if you use their service, but you can also contact some people on your own at their request. Did I mention how much I love postcards???


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