If you can start to understand a little Feng Shui, you may be able to help yourself to find, and keep the love of your life, your soul partner,you can also strengthen the relationship you are in and maintain, do you feel blocked in your present relationship, or just can’t find Mr/Mrs Right, have you lost the excitement and spark that you felt at the start of your relationship, you need to find the passion again, and Feng Shui can maybe help

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Here are some little tips of things you can change within your home, I do not suggest you do more that one thing at once, as it can have the reverse effect, it is better to try them one at a time, then possible combine them as you prosper,and what works best for you. 

It is best to make these changes in a room where you spend lots of time, your living room, study etc., the bedroom is not advisable as this is known more for a place of relax and rest.

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One of the first things you should know regarding Feng Shui and that is that the South West is the direction in your home that governs love and marriage, so that is the corner to make your changes and to concentrate on, do not panic if you are missing this corner in your home, the clever work of a mirror redirecting your room will solve this problem, you are not going to be alone all your life!…… however, do not let the mirror reflect clutter or an object that you really dislike, and never with the view of the rubbish bin and also always keep your mirror well clean and shiny, dust and grime will minimise its effectiveness. 

If we look into Chinese wisdom, the element for the south west direction is earth, so you need to place earth related objects in this corner, elements such as crystals, they can also be hung in a window which at times will give you a rainbow effect of light into your room, it is advised that when you pick your crystal you buy the one you are attracted to most, and when you are at home, wash it, it should be washed in salt water or bottled mineral water, do not wash it in tap water, it can also be a paperweight, a tiny ball or even the droplets on a chandelier. 

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To  more specifically stimulate the romance area of your life, you can place china ducks, which symbolise a loving relationship, in the south-west corner or a pair of live love birds or even budgies ! however it has to be always a pair, not just one……

feng shui 8 Passion….. fire related elements also work well in this corner, as fire creates earth, so if a fire-place is not possible a candle or candles make a nice setting, you know the saying seeing red, it can also be a good idea to have some red colour in this corner, in the chinese tradition red is a very lucky colour , it is considered to have an energizing influence and is associated with wealth happiness and good fortune….. To keep harmony within an already existing relationship, Pink is a good colour to use in the bedroom, it can be used on sheets lamp shades, the lighting should always be subdued , candles can provide the best effects, mirrors which reflect you, will always bring you closer together, but never let them reflect you when you lie in the bed, this is very bad luck.

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  1. artsycrystal says:

    Very interesting I love this. I will have to look more into this. I already am really interested in crystals.


  2. Yentl says:

    Very interesting post 🙂 Thank you as well for visiting YOUnfolded. Have a blessed day!


  3. usfman says:

    Thanks for the color scheme. I can meditate on each of them to stimulate their positive meanings.


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