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Feng shui can help in all parts of our life, whether it be your work place, a restaurant your home, it can and does transform all aspects of your existence. Invite balance and harmony into your life …….

If you have the all perfect life, in the home, work and relationship, then you really do not need Feng Shui, however if we are honest, this is not normally the case, and room for improvement, would never go a miss.

Feng Shui can restore great inspiration into our lives,do you ever have that feeling that things are not quite right, and we just can’t put our finger on it, well a touch of Feng Shui, could put that right, when we sense a bad vibe with a place or situation, it can be counteracted. It is all about the flow of positive energy, Feng Shui is all about harmony and balance, that flow of positive energy that we need in our life. Introducing Fen Shui into your home or work place, can change the whole feeling, positivity can be restored and can flow through and around you leaving the anxiety and depression out in the cold.

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Many individuals and companies are now considering the way to apply Feng Shui in the work place, it improves production, clarity of mind and less illness among the employees, many call a Feng Shui consultant, but a great impact is a fish tank, especially in your money area, cash till etc., , it may just seem relaxing to you, but in Feng Shui it shows that goldfish in a tank is a powerful method of invigorating the wealth sector of your work place (restaurant etc.,) the strategic placement of a fish tank in an office or home is an ideal way to encourage the flow of Chi whilst helping to keep people stress free. In a meeting room it can enhance business, Feng Shui is involved in all aspects of business, even down to wear you sit, by using a compass, and down to the design of your logo. How you arrange your home , even down to how you position your bed can influence your work situation. it is said that sleeping with your back to the bedroom door, can mean that people may conspire against you or work behind your back, sleeping opposite a toilet can also be considered as bad luck. 

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Balance and harmony is the key with Feng shui, it all revolves around it, it can reduce stress, and improve relationships both in and out of the home. Feng Shui can also teach us to live in harmony with nature and our surroundings, it also teaches the importance of balance. Feng Shui doesn’t just apply to the home and work place, but can also have a powerful effect in the garden.

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  1. Yes to feng shui! Living by this principle for many years. Thank you for reinforcing this concept !

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  2. Sparkyjen says:

    In my opinion, “Placement” and “Energy” are two key words in Feng Shui. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Tenacity T says:

    Love this and very true!!


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