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The week-end is nearly here, and some of you will already be in panic mode as to how you are going to cope with everything you have to do, well you could make life easier and help yourself out here, take a pen and paper and in a calm fashion write down everything you would like to accomplish on Saturday or over the weekend in general, you don’t have to do this in one go, just have the paper around and when something comes into your mind pop it onto the list, I do this with my shopping list, I shop once a week, and as I go through the week I write my list, this way I find I don’t forget anything and I am calm going into and around the supermarket etc., 

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When you make these kind of lists, you are saving yourself time and generally make your life easier, Have you ever just sat to write out your shopping list and your mind goes totally blank, you start to panic and everything follows suit, and even worse if you go shopping for food without your list, you will buy everything you don’t need and probably twice the shop!..

The same applies to week ends, have you ever got to a Sunday evening and you start to realise everything you did not do, “OH, I forgot to a b c !! now if you start your list earlier in the week and just know where you can always find it, and add as things come into your mind, I do love my lists, but they work so well for me, and I really do gain so much more time, and time is important to all of us.all you have to it is try it, you lose nothing, but could gain so much.

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Relax and take control of your precious time……………





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One Response to UNWIND ………IT HELPS

  1. Christy B says:

    Great reminders to … relax 🙂


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