WHAT’S IN A HUG !…………………………

What doe’s a hug mean to you, there are so many different kinds and each one in its way has its message and meaning for you. The way we give our hugs can show our education and how we feel for other people it is shown because it is much stronger than words, and no two are the same.

When we receive or give a hug, it is one of the most comforting experiences we can have, we know and learn this from child birth, when babies are introduced to hugs from their very first moments, their development is full of hormones that are activated by our touch and hugs which encourage the development in the brain. Physical contact is important to us all.

As we grow into adults this contact is still needed, to give and to receive, it will help to rise our level of oxytocin the hormone associated with love and social relationships. 

hugs 3

Are you a slow dancing hugger, this kind of hug is usually related to love relationships, one person will hug the other around the waist and the other around the neck, the couple will then move slowly together , this is a delicate and slow hug, as if no one else in the world existed, this type of hug is well-known in young people and at the beginning of relationships.

hugs 5


Then we have the flyer, this really is a hug associated with young love, full of passion and craziness, usually the female will suspend herself in the air with her legs around the waist of the male, these couples will have great emotional connection.

hugs 4

The eye to eye hug, is a soft hug with the eyes fixed on each other, this kind of hug expresses a special connection and a desire to learn more about the other person., you identify yourself with the other person and can look deep into their secret’s. 

hugs 6

Caressing the back and shoulders, this hug is when both parties hug and rub the shoulders and back of the other, this hug is associated with a shared worry, and can show great confidence between them. It is known that the back is the most vulnerable spot of the human, we cannot see it and need the confidence to know you are protected, I would think that the saying “watching your back ” originates from this situation. 

The orthopedic hug is known to them that really do not want to hug, but do so for appearances and obligation, they just wish to separate as soon as possible.


hugs 1

The wrap around super tight hug, usually around the neck area , this hug is full of passion but does transmit a fear of being abandoned or break up, the relationship can be very volcanic and also at times very solid. The couple will squeeze each other like a snake would and it seems they wish to eliminate the space that separates them and to become one, the love and sexual relationship here can give way to a  storm of oxytocin and dopamine hormones in the brain which activates the system of compensation.A fear of losing this pleasant sensation, which at times is compared with addiction, which can cause the couple to cling to each other for the wrong reasons, the reason being desperation.

The most protective hug, which gives us a sense of security, is again a form of protecting the back, when one person approaches the other from the side and behind, linking an arm around the neck, protecting the back of the other with their body , this transmits that you  wish to be   caring and protecting them, when you approach in this way from the side and behind you are also showing a sincere and stable love.

hugs 2


We all deserve a hug, or lots of hugs everyday !!



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  1. There is nothing better than a hug! It fixes all!!


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