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The air we breathe, inside our own homes can be very dangerous to our health, not only the obvious of smoke, from tabacco , but many others that are not so obvious, produced from our cleaning products, candles and food that we fry., these can affect our breathing and heart., we can help this a little by placing various plants throughout the home. 


While on holiday, by all means relax, but if you just lie around for two weeks, you can start to lose your muscle, one and the speed in your metabolism, making your risk higher for diabetes, so even though you are on holidays do a little exercise on the beach, take a nice work and get out there visiting new places.

The famous siesta, is so good for you, on holiday or not, but try to keep it to 20/30 mins it’s the perfect time you should allow, to prevent waking feeling heavy and groggy, we are told that if we drink a coffee beforehand, it will start to take effect 20/30 mins later, making your wake up call perfect. 

When time flies by, especially at holiday time,it is due to the dopamine we generate in our brain, the more we produce the happier we are and are well-being is soaring high, which also makes us feel that the time passes very quickly. 


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Recent studies have shown that travelling can bring a great amount of happiness, even more than weddings and finding a new job, 77% feel it makes them happier, not only this, and the sensation, it is the memories it supplies. 

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    Thank you for all the information and advices it was really helpful.
    Please check out my blog too.I would love to know your opinions and follow if you are interested in reading.


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