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You know, at times we are not so far away from the life that will fill us with contentment to the brim, in fact we just need to refocus on a few little things and maybe give more value and importance to certain small aspects f our life, and take another view of things, hopefully this will help you a little to place things in the right order…………

Use your time well, it is truly precious, at times we do not realise the value it has, we take on so much and put ourselves on overload ? why ? when a good plan beforehand will put things better in place, you will not explode or meet yourself coming back as they say! When we choose to do things we enjoy, the first part of the plan is to find the time to do just that, enjoy so you have to plan ahead, take the time, to put it into your schedule and treat it the same as an obligation,do not consider this as something you will do when you can fit it in. 

Learn new things, all the time, in my profession it is known that if you become bored with a client, go back to studying, the boredom applies to anyone, what life is telling you is that you are doing to much of the same thing ! This applies to life in general, when we learn it is a way to keep the world learning new things all the time, the more we know the more attention can be given to the finest of details and can be appreciated. This way life remains interesting, the world we live in always gives us the opportunity to learn easily and is always within your reach.

When you care for your body, you enjoy good health without it, how are we going to have a life of satisfaction. Eating a sensible diet and regular exercise(within our limits) and forming good habits, caring for our body is fundamental. When we are in good health, or except our limitations we  have all that area in front of us to enjoy, we go forward and live our life to the best of our capacity, when we have bad health and do not wish to recognise that fact, we only restrict even further what we can do and not do. Always make the most of all your possibilities. 

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Forget about all your complaints, they belong in the category of great enemies, when you state, I dislike this, and there is nothing to do about it ! This truly is a message to have a bad time ! So it is time to forget about complaints, renounce them from your life, it is difficult, but not impossible, complaining continually is not good for you or those that surround you, never.

Always find something to do, to be occupied is very important, it has been proved that when we are non-active, we normally will be more tired than usual, boredom sets in and we become tired and lifeless,doing nothing all day long leaves you with no energy at all. If you are looking for a job, and the situation is getting you down, try t take a course to keep you occupied while you are waiting for your opportunity, always do something. 

Your social circle is important also, happiness can be found by surrounding yourself with the right kind of people, happy people,that have similar interests to you, or interest you and vice versa. Joining a group or mixing with others, will allow you to meet and expand your social circle.

life plan 3

Some people feel that by jumping from one place to another and one person to another without thinking about the future, is the answer, this is not the result we want, at least not for long-term. If we find immediate satisfaction, things will quickly become boring and unsatisfactory,this is the effect an addiction would have on us, when we are looking at things with a long-term feature, it is better to slowly build up the satisfaction and let the road ahead give us greater gratification .

Are you open to the value of new things, at times we get stuck into what we think will make us happy, because it has before, we change ,people change and places change, are we open to this? At times we find happiness where we least expect it, with people and situations we did not expect. We feel before time, the anxiety and stress these situations can bring, and in fact, if we are open and do not make  previous decisions we could result handling things well and feeling good. We should always be open to our believes and how we react or respect certain situations,our likes and dislikes can and will change. We can surprise ourselves beyond belief. 

Look for your flow, things that you are passionate about, and when we do them, we get lost in time, in the notion of what we are doing, hours can go by and we forget about the world around us. But take care, not as to take this has a hunt for your passion, as if it has to be hiding in some strange  place, and that it will be only one, if you take it this way and don’t know what your passion is, you can become down, and we don’t want that. When you find your flow (and you will know) concerning a job or activity , you will find the more time you dedicate to it, the more it pulls you in. 

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    I feel better when I relinquish control more than anything else.

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