Do you know what the sun can do for you and your body ? daily sunshine can help your brain and your body, fifteen to twenty minutes a day. 

the sun 2

The light given by the sun, organises our internal clock , which is set within our brain,this is where all the adequate functions take place to keep it in shape. 

When we take in sunshine in moderate forms, our immune system is reinforced,so it is beneficial to us in the case of illness. 

the sun 3

Good strong bones, the vitamin D3 obtained from the sun helps to keep in calcium, lack of this will give you poor bone density and easier fractures. 

Again, when taken in a moderate fashion, the sun can help us feel much happier and avoid feeling sad, if we have this tendency, the sun is a natural anti-depressant. 

the sun

Did you know ? that the sun can also help to warn of a stroke, it reduces the risk and also of heart attacks,this of course again is when the sun is not abused and taken in moderation. 

A recent study has also been taken on Cancer, the results were that you run a 60% less chance of breast cancer, prostrate and cancer of the colon, this is due to the vitamin D.

the sun 1

I have to put this music video with this post, it Saturday and I love to add a little music, do you remember this ?


I just love this song, Have a great week-end ❤




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5 Responses to HERE COMES THE SUN………………………

  1. kiwinana says:

    Nice one, wish the sun would shine here, tired of winter, but still happy knowing spring is around the corner.
    Have a nice Sunday it’s here for me, but not long to go for you.Smiles!


  2. Jennie says:

    The sun makes all the difference in our attitude and health. When the days become longer, it makes all the difference.


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