THAT TIME OF YEAR !……………………..

So, yes it is holiday time, for some this is one of the best times of the year, everyone is looking forward to it and even plans are made, what shall we do ? How we will do it ? Romantic moments that can be shared or maybe not, ? you have to be honest with yourself, and if your relationship is distant most of the year, imagine what it will be like when your daily routine and obligations are taken away and your time just belongs to each other, you will feel very naked one in front of the other. So how do you live through this situation ?

holiday time 

This situation is not always easy, there is nowhere to run or hide, no obligation to get you out-of-the-way, you do not always want, what the other wants and vice versa, and one does not want to give what the other would like to receive, and also time has gone by since the last time you were in this situation, possible a year, it is an intimacy that no one is happy with, this makes it even more difficult as you could in fact be very different people than who you think you are, people change with time and they certainly change with situations, and if life gets in the way and your feelings,emotion, love is not given its rightful priority things will change drastically you will acquire new likes and dislikes if love is still strong then you will find away to enjoy finding these new aspects of yourself and your partner.

Holiday time is when we can spend time one with the other, with no obligations in the middle, this does not occur in our everyday life at what we  would refer to as home, the other concept we have regarding the holiday period is “We will have a good time ” so we fill it with new obligations that maybe nobody really wants, just so we can enjoy this time ? some will find the relaxation and no time-table extremely appealing and others want every second accounted for, which is the best for enjoying yourself ? 

Holiday time 3

 When love is still alive, this is a great time to find each other again, just like at the beginning. This however does not mean that you are to spend hours talking about each other as a couple and problems that you may be having, this would not be well accepted and can be classified as boring. It can be taken more as a time for observing and this allows you to see more clearly the areas where you may need to work, this is to be done with time and pleasure, it is not something that should be forced , done correctly you may find each other again.

At the time of planning your holidays, it is good to be able to enjoy various activities, if you share one, that is fine, however if this is not the case, organise your activities and enjoy the time you have, therefore you can enjoy your time later together. You are respecting each other and you are also respecting yourself and the hobbies you enjoy. 

Holidays are an excellent time to drop old routines, let these patterns fade, new routines are fun, and trying new things are always good in a relationship, just because something has always been that way, it does not mean they have to remain that way. 

holiday time 2

Make the most of this time, accept the other, we have to accept that each one of us have distinct personalities, it is not healthy or fair to judge someone because they have a different choice to us, life is all about choice, if we can respect this without commentaries or mocking a path can be found to enjoy each other.

Take into account the difficulties, that holidays can bring, for as relaxing as it can be and perfect in most ways, there will be little things that have to be attended to, and if we don’t take these into account, the frustration will be taken out, probably with our partner. 

holday time 5

You can and should enjoy your holidays, if there is a problem,try to work it out, you are worth it   ❤



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