Activate yourself,Optimist 1

Get moving as soon as possible, a big sign in depression is when you lose all activity, when you feel so down, you have no desire to be moving and when you go down this road, you are losing your way, it does not matter what activity you do, but you must occupy your time.

Organise your day.

Optimist 2

Form a routine and keep to it, organise your life,most people who suffer from depression have no schedule or routine in their life. It is important to keep a schedule going during your day, include your lunch time, hobbies and computer time, you are maybe thinking that when you are down the last thing you want is a scheduled day or to plan one, this is the main reason why you should.

Positive thoughts.

optimist 3

Empty your mind of all negative thoughts, these will not help you to solve problems, or change the situation, but it will change your mood. If you stick with negativity you will paralyse yourself, you block all avenues with any possibilities of resolving anything. You need to confront your obstacles with enthusiasm.

Concentrate in the present moment.

Optimist 4

Think of the immediate benefit for you, not what could go wrong or become a hurdle, think in the now and stay there.

Note all personal benefits

Optimist 5

Start a journal and everyday write three things that you find exciting, that make you happy and you have enjoyed doing, things that are part of your life. Mark how good they make you feel using a chart of 0 to 10 . When you do this you will start to realise how this makes you feel, you should feel better, they can be very simple little things, like having a coffee, taking a walk chatting with a friend or maybe the smile of your neighbour or total stranger. 

Strengthen your self – Esteem 

Optimist 6


Concentrate on your qualities, on your strengths and ignore the things that you don’t like about yourself, this is not the moment to criticise yourself . You should be now starting to congratulate yourself for the small hurdles you are now clearing. 



Brooke – Universal Coach.


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