coffee meet 4                                                                                                                                                  Thought I would take this opportunity to give you all an update, I am asked on a daily basis, how I am and how are things going, I thank you all for your concern and have pleasure it informing you that things are progressing really well, I have just had a recent check up with the Lung specialist as many of you will know when the heart is affected so are the lungs, I was given a good review and no need to see him again now until September, with each visit I learn more and more information and try to pass on to you, things that could apply to all of us, like today I would like to help you to strengthen your immune system, which is beneficial to us all,


To be able to relax, is of great benefit, learn the easiest way for you to kick back and relax, meditation is a wonderful way.

If you have an active sex life, all the better !!

Have a pet, a nice furry friend, they give so much affection, and ask for nothing in return, great companions at any time.

Have a good social life, make connect with friends and family.

Always have a positive attitude and outlook on life.


Laughter is extremely good for us, try to laugh as much as possible.

Eat a varied colourful diet

immune system 3


Consider incorporating herbs and supplements into your daily diet.

Move your body as much as possible, with dance exercise walking

Always get a good nights sleep

immune system 5

Never drink too much alcohol, moderation is the key word here

Never smoke or stop immediately 

Wash your hands as much as possible.

immune system 4

At the end of my consultation, the Doctors main phrase was “I don’t know what you are doing but just keep doing it” 


 immune system 6

Take care of yourselves always and be happy ❤



Brooke – Universal Coach





9 Comments on “ME & MY HEART

  1. This post just made me smile, externally and internally. I have been dealing with health-scares that can’t be really described, and I’ve been following some of the same “treatments” listed here, and I feel so much better. Continue to grow and use this as your health-check! And continue to bless us, too.


  2. Brooke, so pleased to hear your specialist gave you good news ! That must have been a great relief. Thank you for your beautiful inspiring posts always. x


  3. I am so glad your recovery is going so well. You must be taking your own WordPress blogged wisdom and advice to heart. That is what your doctor was referring to when he told you to keep on doing what you’re doing… a sentiment that I loudly and wholeheartedly echo!


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