It’s Sunday, which for some can be a total relaxation day and for others it can be a crazy, I have to get everything done today before my even crazier week appears again ! Which ever it maybe I hope you have enjoyed it and managed to accomplish everything you hoped for, now this week kindness challenge is all about ending your day with kindness, now most of us say thank you and show gratitude at the end of each day for the good day we have had and all the components of that day, but do we get the opportunity or desire to end our day with kindness.


I am going to be very lucky today and fulfill that desire, I have been invited to have dinner with my Mother, and the invite also includes my dog Salsa, this is so she will not be left alone after losing my Minnie 10 days ago, we are coping, miss her terrible, however back to a kinder and more pleasant note of our invitation, I know more than anything else my Mother will be happy all day preparing for our arrival and she will be happy to enjoy the evening with us, so today I am sure my day will end with an act of kindness and I am very happy about that. ❤

Kindness challenge wk 5



Brooke – Universal Coach.

6 Comments on “KINDNESS CHALLENGE WK 5…………… End your day with Kindness!

  1. Sorry for your loss – it is always sad when a family pet leaves us behind. I still have occasions when I all of a sudden remember our beautiful Kelpie cross, Jessica. She died ten years ago – I still miss her even though Tess is such a delight and adorably cute 😦


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