Self Kindness/Self Love.

I have had quite a busy week, with more things falling into place after my open heart surgery, life is slowly becoming normal again and my work pattern also, which I am pleased about, I love to have my connection with people and more so with my coaching, I love to help others and achieve great satisfaction from my results and kind words of my clients.

What I did learn, however, from my surgery, was how I wanted to see my life and how I felt about myself, I have always been a person who cares for myself, in the sense of keeping fit, having mainly a meditterean diet and a not so crazy life style, but I started to realise the things I was maybe missing, due to flying through life with our obligations and duties, the time we actually give to ourselves is very limited, we do not need hours, but we must come high up on that list that we all have. Feeling true love for ourselves is essential, when we love ourselves in the true sense of the word, we can and do love others we value ourselves and know our self-worth, therefore allowing us to see it in others, and allow that true love  to flow. 

love 5

Remember to love yourself and always have your heart full of love and kindness for you and those around you. 


Brooke – Universal Coaching. 


  1. ¿A lo mejor reservar unos minutos, al final de cada jornada, para contemplar el atardecer sin pensar en nada, resultan beneficiosos? Un abrazo.


    • Toma nota, tengo suerte, tengo un jardín muy hermosa, y es verdad unos minutos contemplando mis rosas y arboles da un bienestar sensacional gracias por tu consejo,un abrazo y buen fin de semana

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      • Cada tarde reservo unos instantes para contemplar como el ocaso tiñe el cielo de un distinto color. ¡Que lo disfrutes!


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