We live in a spiral of obligations , which leave us hardly any time to think let alone live the life we want. 



Always work towards your object …… Imagine a life free of obligations, its like a lighthouse urging us on, although we have to realise we would never reach our destination. We will never have a life so pure that we have no obligations, but we can get close if we try. 

Take time out to live………could you visualise giving your mind a rest and stealing a day of your life to live ? Do we really  give ourselves the space to live ! It is a beautiful idea , but few of us put it into practise, we think that the solution is to work on overload all year with our obligations and that the reward is a two/three-week holiday once a year, and some of us have weekends also. Is that living ?

Don’t over think, some people even say “I want a life where I don’t need to take holidays” This is a very interesting concept, but it does hold its problems, if taken the wrong way, we may find a friend opening a beach bar as an ideal situation ! Must of us, would see these situations as pure imagination, it could make us feel good for an instance, but we would never do it, not because we are cowards,but because we know that in the long out come it would not be the right decision to make. 

your desired life 4

Imagination is not enough……..Holidays are not enough, a change here and there will not be enough either, to put in full swing the Law of Attraction, we must imagine, yes visualise your new life, how it would be as if you are living it now, focus on this and always keep positive, and most important is to keep moving forward, you must act..and bring your thoughts into your reality.

Positivity…..It is important to always see what you have, not what you don’t have, it is always better to have a little of what you want than nothing at all, your mindset must be on what we have, this keeps us on the move, in a forward action, we accept what we have and as we  acquire more we happily are moving forward. 

Do not only concentrate on your obligations…….you go to work, you occupy yourself with the house, you take the children to school, pay the bills, prepare the food, answer the mail you deal with everything and maybe lots more, if you add them all up, I am sure it would be a healthy number of things and activities and if you add all the time it takes, what does that leave for you, don’t leave this situation as it is, NOW is your moment. 


Brooke –  Universal Coaching



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