seeing things in a different way

Over the last couple of days I have received beautiful comments and messages regarding my absence and operation, of which I am extremely grateful and thank you from the bottom of my now working heart !! A comment read today “I’m sure you must be seeing the world through very different eyes now ” and I cannot begin to explain to you all how true this is, and where I would start to explain this, but I would like to try, although I feel it is far bigger than me, I do not feel that I’ m a person who takes advantage of others or situations, As I do always appreciate what I have around me and in my life, but now I see it even more, the simplest of things bring on a new importance, a nice morning a starry night, you see them before, but do we give them the importance that we do if we really see how close to not seeing anything again ! a frightening thought, I think ? I think of my family and what they mean to me, and I see what I mean to them, love is truly a wonderful and powerful thing. I have also reshuffled my life a little although I can’t just yet lead the life at the speed and intensity that I would like, but that will come, that’s just a question of time and patience, I still care and love my close one’s in a very special way, but I have also realised that this is my life also and deserve to have a full life where possible and happiness, I do not deny myself certain my time, but I know that changes have to be made, this is my life also, and please believe me, we need to live everyday to the full, we never know what is around the corner, this is not being selfless, as we must never forget that the happier we are, the happier we make the people around us. 

As we love our friends and family, the importance of your own happiness is easier to understand, the move vibrant positive energy you have and the more love you will give out, I do now see everything in a new way, everything has new meanings and values. And I honestly think I was a person who recognised these concepts before, it just feels so different, this must be the second chance feeling ? I love it and I love my life !!



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11 Comments on “A DIFFERENT WORLD………………………

  1. This year is a number one year. It’s a time for major transformation in a person’s life. Either you make the changes on your own or the universe will push you to it. Out with the old Brooke…in with the new. xoxo


  2. Te intiendo muy bien ! Una vida diferente de antes es como ver sin y con gafas, es oir mejor, de sentir las cosas mas serca y poder expresar mas facilamente sus sentimientos.. “La vie est belle” ❤️


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