With all the gratitude and thanks that is whizzing around the blogosphere this week, I have decided to step up and do my part, this fills me with great joy, and I hope will be helpful to some of you. I am offering a free coaching consult,to anyone who would like to take this opportunity, I would normally in my business do this via Skype, but as I do not know the response I will receive , I feel it will be best via e.mail, as my skype hours are accounted for with my Universal Coaching, and do not wish to disappoint anyone.

If you would like to take this step and  opportunity that I am offering to you,  please send me an email to:-, and we will take it from there.

Difficulty and adversity are part of the journey, and we all have been on that path, but when we find courage, we can call on this to help us move forward, and we might make the change we are looking for.




3 Comments on “PAY FORWARD !!!………………

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    Just wanted you all to know that this is valid all of this month, I would also like to thank everyone who has contacted me so far, and hope you are feeling great and moving forward, Let’s get into 2017 on the path we wish to travel…………………….


  2. I think that is so wonderful and generous. I have a life coach who has helped transform my world so I know what you are offering is HUGE. This is why this is one of my favorite blogs because everyday you are an inspiration and a reminder of what I want to be.


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