I had a long day yesterday, so today I am going to spoil myself with a lazy day full of TLC…….. and I am going to start with………..a lovely afternoon  tea !sunday-tea-time-2

As I have had a lovely long sleep, and a late slow morning I have prepared my favourite china and taken out my favourite tea, nice little sandwiches and a piece of super delicious sponge cake !(Oh yes I am going to spoil myself today) the full treatment. A great book, nice and warm (it’s winter here) and some soothing background music.


This really is my plan, there is I myself and me ! What better company  do I need, well my dogs of course…Now the making of this perfect afternoon is in making the tea, the tea has to be right, tea bags just don’t fit here.The true tradition must prevail.



  • Tea loves oxygen – it helps the flavour develop, so always use freshly drawn cold water in the kettle.
  • Make sure your pot is clean.
  • Warm the pot by swirling a small amount of boiled water in it.
  • For black tea, only pour on freshly boiled water and do not over-boil it.
  • For green tea, always use the water just at the boil.
  • One teaspoon of loose tea per person and one teaspoon for the pot is about right, but add as much or as little to make it to the strength you like.
  • Some people believe that sugar masks the flavours in tea. Why not try a fruit tea if you prefer a sweeter taste?
  • A tea cosy extends the brewing time and can make the tea bitter and stewed. A removable infuser or teabags can help to get round this problem.

We recommend that you allow loose tea to brew in a teapot for up to seven minutes. The general rule is: the larger the leaf, the longer the brewing time. Earl Grey and Lady Grey need five minutes, while a smaller leaf tea will only need about four-minute


Historically, the ‘milk in first’ rule was to protect the fine bone china it was served in – it’s a very individual thing.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, and highly recommend a little spoil time, TLC can go along way, don’t forget about you ! sunday-break

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