I hope after reading the quote, you will see that my title today is not about being selfish, on the contrary, most of us tend to think that putting ourselves first is not the right thing to do, and in some cases you would be right,but we should not be forgotten either, this week has been all about us, our happiness, our positive outlook to the world and our life and of course being healthy in body and mind.

Leading a busy life, which we nearly all do these days, by being a wife/husband parenting working cleaner carer maintenance general etc., gives you NO EXCUSE, even to be a good Mum/Dad you need to be all of the things we have mentioned. And this is why we need to care for ourselves in every way in a loving and caring way.


If you were asked to describe yourself, how would you do it ?, what would you say? , how would you introduce yourself ? think about this and try to answer yourself , are you proud of yourself? And are you capable of saying NO, this simple little word can be one of the most difficult for us to say, and I admit there are a million reasons behind it. This is a prime example of how we do not care and maybe respect ourselves enough, we cannot take on the world, as much as we would love to, we all have limits which we should recognise and others should consider if we allow them to, you see we are at times the one that opens the door for people to walk all over us !

Do you ever ask or answer the question of how much do we love ourselves, we deserve the love we keep trying to give to everyone else…. have you ever thought about it in this way, how do you treat yourself, this will reflect on how you treat others..never confuse this with being kind, considerate caring for others, they are totally different things, I know that at times you will do something for someone else and think to yourself,” I would love someone to do that for me”,  this is not being bitter to your act of kindness, generally we all love doing things for others, but don’t forget yourself. Time can be a big problem here, thinking there is no time for you, so ok maybe you cannot have an hour in your bathroom or pop to the gym or relax in your favourite spot or with your favourite person, but love, the love you should feel for yourself is with you all the time, it is inside of us, it is our gift to ourselves, and should be a natural flow within  and nobody or no circumstances should take that away, or better said, we should not allow this, to be taken away………….We are here to be loved,but to also love ourselves, to feel proud and hold respect for ourselves.When you feel this love within you, you are happy healthier and look forward to everyday.



Care for yourself, love yourself, respect yourself,…………



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