Do you feel worthy ? Do you love yourself ? Do you stand on your own two feet and feel every part of your worthy self some people will like you for many and no reasons and some will not, also for many reasons ……..so what’s the problem. 

You will at times need to run away from people you love, so that you can see your self-worth, you should never be with people who do not have the ability to see your self worth. Never confuse that because you love, they love, it does not work that way, but that does not EVER make you less, your self worth should never decrease due to the opinion of others. Never feel bad or apologise for the standards of others, if you have higher standards, maintain them, never lower them to fit in, let them rise to you, your principles count, they are you ! And if they wish to be part of your life, they must respect you for who you are.



Our self-worth is not measured by anyone, this is your privilege on how much you love and respect yourself, never chase, love affection or attention, if someone does not want to be with you, it is possible the other person isn’t worth having, depending the way you see yourself will tell you your worth and how you value yourself. How you feel about yourself comes from within, you can’t give it to anyone else and you can’t expect others to give it to you, at times it is not what you are that stops your progress, its many times what you think you are not.


We are all different and unique, I say this many times, you have to believe in yourself, remember you are beautiful, important, special, wonderful, talented and you are totally irreplaceable.



When you do not respect yourself and your worth, you can be pessimistic, not willing to ever take a risk, you may not show initiative, indecisive and possible feel unloved.

 We very often talk to ourselves, we have to be very careful with this, because, we are always listening and we should never tell ourselves anything that you don’t want to come true.

Self worth is vital to your happiness, to your health, if you do not feel good about you, it is going to be hard to feel good about anything else. 

You are a wonderful human being, capable of many things all that you wish to accomplish, you must value your self-worth, feel your worth, live your worth, be your worth .


Work on yourself, on your happiness, your positive attitude and your love for yourself……….you are worth this and much more ……..  


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