When we really understand how true the above quote is, we would never have another negative thought, not as our main thought, anyway, we are all human and it is impossible to not have a negative thought, but there is a big difference in thinking 24/7 in negative mode, as to the occasional thought ! 

It is also perfectly true the effect negativity has on our health, would you not want to attend to that health problem with a simple change of thought, and it is simple the same as any other habit you may have, infact if you try one positive thought a day, maybe in the morning when you start your day, it can change your whole day, try it, it is only down to you and no other other, nobody thinks for you, your thoughts belong to you. When you start your day this way, and will see how it changes your day it can eventually change your life, now, who would not want that, you are happier, you are also feeling healthy……your positive mind-set is becoming part of your life, the habit forms and it becomes automatic to you, your future is much more important than how you see your past, when you adopt a positive mind-set and attitude it gives you total power over your circumstances, instead of your circumstances having power over you, and that makes a big change, it’s great to be in control of your own life. positive thinking is a game changer, it gives you the ability to be free and do everything better than when you are tuned into your negative channel, you start to see life with a new set of eyes, positive thoughts evokes positive feelings and will attract positive situations and outcomes in your daiy life, it really is a breath of fresh air ! trying this is down to you, again you need no one else……just you and your thoughts and achieving an incredible change in how you see the world. When you become a positive thinker you see things that other don’t, you feel the intangable and reach the impossible, your goals whether they are personal or professional. 


If, until now, you spend most of your time thinking about what you do not have, flip it, and start to think of everything you do have, that others don’t, we are all unique and we all have something……that someone else would like……you can take into account, the wonderful things you have and give thanks for them, you can do something good for some else, have positive thoughts, exercise, and hold a smile for at least a minute. 


I love the story of the boat, it floats on water, that is what it is for, however if water gets inside it will sink and will no longer be any good as a boat, we are the same, if we allow negative thoughts into our mind we become blocked we are on over load and sometimes break, therfore we are then no functioning as we should, just like the boat. 

The mind is everything, we need to take care of it, we need to be healthy, what you think is what you become, this is proven fact…. NO ONE can choose your attitude, your perspective give you the power to be in control, this is your personal freedom.

Oprah said: ” The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing their attitude.”

Don’t give your time to things you can’t change, focus on what you can ! It’s your energy, your attitude, your mind-set. 


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