Have you ever thought about how people can truly look beautiful when they smile, everyone favours a smile, when we are cross or life less it shows on our face (and many other places) but our face can tell someone so much about ourselves, when we smile, our eyes shine, happiness can be seen, false smiles don’t work, so don’t try that, they stand out a mile…….. even though you think you fool people, you really are only fooling yourself, and what do we get out of that nothing. Now there are many reason’s why we are not happy, but on the other hand there are many reason’s why we can be happy, we owe it to ourselves, when we are unhappy due to past events, we have to see that the past cannot be changed, but we can change, if we want to, I have said many times and yes I am going to say it again, we can accept (The Universal Law of Acceptance) again I repeat, this does not imply that we agree, we simply choose to accept it, by doing this you are allowing yourself to move forward, there is no reason why you cannot be happy, you have a right to be happy . When we accept the reason of our unhappiness and accept where we are in life and taking everything positive out of everyday, one of the greatest challenge we face in life is finding out and discovering who we are, and maybe the next step would be, to be happy with what we find. When we take note of other people’s opinions regarding us, don’t worry about this, don’t give it your time, if they don’t know you personally,don’t take it personally, you should never rely on other’s to make you happy, that is down to you and only you. 



It takes courage to be yourself, to be happy is not always about getting what you want all the time, it’s all about seeing what you have, loving that fact and feeling grateful for all those things. Being happy also involves letting go of what is weighing you down, this does not mean that you don’t feel or lose your heart, you just become more intelligent, remember your happiness is yours, it’s in your hands, not anyone else……….no more, that time has gone !! If you feel alone and hope for a life partner, but are unhappy, don’t think you are going to be happy in a relationship, first you must get your own life on track find your own happiness, then you can share it, when people are not happy, they can lash out at others and will maybe not want you to be happy, they probably aren’t  happy for themselves either.


Happiness is a choice that we all have, which would you prefer, it really is not a difficult decision, who would not want to be happy, under all circumstances we can be happy with what we have at this moment . Happiness is within it is not a result of anything else, nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy, NO person will make you happy, your happiness will not come to you. It comes from you. 

Think to yourself, every single time you have been up against it, convinced that you could not take anymore, not one more day, you could not go on……………..well you know you did, we all did.Because we have courage, against all odds and we know the importance of happiness in our life, that we are here, to bring it from within, when we are happy, the people we love and are close to us, feel that happiness and that makes them feel happy also. Happy does not mean we are exceptional human beings, bordering on perfect, far from it, we all make mistakes, but we are happy with who we are, with what we have, yes we have dreams, we all do, but until that time we are happy, if you are not happy now, having all your desires and goals will not bring you happiness, more comfort or less stress, does not guarantee happiness, that is down to you…… Never compare yourself to others, we are all unique and want and offer different things to this world and our life, don’t let someone else drowning in drama take you of your track, you can help, but don’t let it spoil your progress or joy, everyone finds their own happiness you cannot give it to someone else, that is their decision and only they know when they wish for that change. 

Every love story is beautiful, but yours with yourself should be your most favourite…..


So, on this 30 day count down, be happy, if you already are, that is great, if not start your journey today be happy and love yourself !

15 Comments on “30 DAY’S TO HAPPINESS

  1. I think you and I were on a very similar brsin path today, this is one of my favorite blogs. I find you so inspirational especially since I’m into the law of the universe as well. Thank you for writing everyday.


  2. A lovely message in this post.. Choose to be happy and smile ‘genuinely’ – it’s amazing how clear it is when the smile doesn’t reach the eyes… Fab – thanks x


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