Have a great week, I have my router back on Wednesday so I have been promised !! Hope so, miss my reader momentos, so sorry , but in the mean time I hope you enjoy


We all have an interior mirror, which reflects to us who we are…..we see are values from which we measure and come to the conclusion if we are capable of success or failure.

We laugh and cry on the inside and from this we consider if we are strong or weak, we destroy ourselves like army men they destroy themselves on the battle field, or we dress like Kings and Queens, with wonderful gowns,are we the princes or are we the toad…..maybe we are just innocent, this is our self confidence, the interior mirror where we see our selves reflected, sometimes in the real world some in another configuration, just like the mirrors at the fair !!! Look into your mirror

The superbeing……We love to be loved, and that others feel good with us,we suffer when people don’t appreciate us and under value us as a person. The universal law…

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