Here and now, there is no more, yet, it is everything. Think a little the past has gone we cannot change anything there, and the future never comes….. so we are left with here and now, your moment is always now,the future is always to come. The moment is now, now is actual,now is today and so you are always in the present now !! We have nothing else, maybe you think it is a cruel trap of life, but it actually is quite the opposite, it’s the key to the happy future you dream about, meaning you should not wait, it should be present,so that your moment is full of happiness and love.

Listen to your inner voice… you may feel this is difficult to do, and easier to write about than to do,and you may be right, it really is a process, it is a way we need to take everyday, it requires training and insistance, you start by listening to what your innerself is telling you and do this as often as you can, and pay special attention to any message you hear more than once, something that is permanantley going through your mind, when you hear this voice don’t judge it,just take it in observe that you are there and the voice is interior, your old voice patterns will start to fade,and your inner voice will be heard more clearly,you are now in your here and now and this is your first step to giving the attention you need to listen to your mindfulness.

Decide where you wish to focus this new energy when we are open to the present, we realise that we are not as trapped as we think,this new attention we are giving to our mindfulness will allow us to see that our reality can be changed by the way we look and the attitude we have regarding this. An exercise you can do here is when you go to bed at night, feel what you want, focus truly on this, because what we do at night has a stronger connection with the universe it is more important than what we do during the day. While we are doing this giving focus to what we want, that is where our energy will go, focus your energy onto what is important to you. Remember, nothing is written, the best way to predict your future is making it……………

We have the capacity to imagine, to dream. Creative visualization is the bridge we can use to materealise our dreams, the important factor here is to feel, it would be like thinking our dreams and not feeling our dreams and imagination, when we feel we believe,and when we believe we create.

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