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How many times do you say, I will ? and then you don’t !!! no more kidding yourself, those days have gone, it time to sort yourself out with yourself, build up that self-esteem and give yourself credit where it is due, for you to reach this happy place there are maybe a few things you need to do or readjust, and I will is one of them, when you say it or think it mean it !!

Do you communicate clearly with yourself and others, this can be a problem at times, or do you communicate clearly, then do the opposite, so why do you do this, think about it, you know the reason why, write it down and work through it, only you know the answer and you can put it right, bring in the I will rule, this is not saying you should be rude or under-estimate others, this is just you being clear on what you want in your life and what you don’t. There should be no room for things you do not want, this is not beneficial to you in any way, you will always see this as negative, no matter how many times you look at it, if it is a person, that cannot be removed (for valid reasons) then you have to find a method for this negativity not to affect you emotionally or physically. The way to do this, is by acceptance, again as always I am going to say it, this does not mean you agree, you just accept,(sorry to repeat all the time) but sometimes we just don’t get it. By using this method time and time again, you will not be affected in any way, it is neatly put away as accepted, no more no less.

Do you always want to please people, “we can’t please everyone all the time” I would say here, just don’t hurt someone by not pleasing, explain yourself, when people enter into a dialogue most will understand, it’s when nothing is said, and you have pleased one person but deeply hurt the other, that conflict and problems will arise. Most family problems can stem from such a thing as this. I read on a blog some time ago the typical discussion between couples and their families, it was put something like this “when you criticize a member of the family of  your beloved, you are ultimately hurting them, because it is their family, who no matter how angry or situation there is or has been, the love for them will still be there” we should always be aware of the power of words, we are all different and all sensitive in different ways,and words and actions can hurt deeply.

Do you talk yourself down, without the help of anybody else, do you know why? do you really think so little of yourself? you do the best you can and knowing that, should be satisfaction in its self, inner conversations are very important, this is what affects your self-esteem, you are no less than anyone else, when you talk to yourself, be kind, how far would you let another person talk you down, just because this is you with you, there is no difference, you are worthy and deserve to be treated and thought of in the correct way, you are a valid human being, you are liked and loved just like thousands of others, don’t let it be you who blocks you from being who you want to be, many others will try that ! and by being sure of yourself, again you can adapt the Law of Acceptance, remember sticks and stones………….when you are sure of who you are, what you want and where you are going, dont let others with their opinions stop you, we can listen we can be considerate, but trust your own instincts, pull on your inner power and keep going, your life belongs to you nobody else, they are not living it, you are, so satisfy yourself with your kindness and abilities, you know what you can achieve when you believe in yourself, they do not. Follow your inspirations and dreams, you are not harming anyone on your way, say what you really mean, dont be afraid to say NO, and dont be afraid to say YES, opportunity is all around you, stop doing things you dont want to do, and do what you want to do. Remember I Will, I Can & I Am ! 

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  1. Wise words here, next time I say “I will” I will think very carefully about what I am saying and either not say it, or say it with complete conviction!


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