images (4) memories around a table

How true this statement is, do you remember your happy memories being made around a family table, everyone talking at the same time,but something magic remains, this happens in countries all around the world and usually on a Sunday !


images (4) Big family

All the family would gather, to enjoy grandma’s , uncles, grandchildren,children, at times you would feel that the world and their wife were there, times change and sadly traditions also, the other factor is the homes are smaller now, but, we can always take to the garden ?


images (4) Garden party

Why is it, that food always tastes better outdoors,? it always does, whether it’s tradition or BBQ, the children can run and play, no worries about anything getting broke ! They are free, and usually have a better appetite, even sat in the park or the country a sandwich has that something special, so if you don’t have a big family to share with, pick up the picnic and get outdoors.



images keep calm lunch

Don’t dread these meals, enjoy them, time with your family is quality time and cannot be recuperated, as we get older we realise this, company and fun is important to all of us, so for those of you that do not have strong family ties, for whatever reason, try to group from time to time with others, something about lots of people around a table chatting away and having a genuine good time, is special ! And when the one’s you want to sit with you are no longer there, the moment has gone, so don’t leave anything that can be done now………..embrace it and do it. 

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Enjoy your day ………………………………………….

5 Comments on “SUNDAY TRADITION……..

  1. I agree that food tastes better outdoors, I also love a big gathering around the table. Our family always eats together, it’s the nicest part of the day.


  2. Maybe the fall of this tradition might be one reason why are students seem more ill prepared to think critically about issues of importance today.


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