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When you suffer from panic attacks, you will maybe feel a lack of air, your heart goes crazy and screams let me out! everything goes into a spin, you maybe will even think you are going to die, and the doctor tells you its your nerves, or worse still there is no reason for it ? Whats going on, how much fear hides inside panic…….. how do we beat this?

So, what is a panic attack ? you go dizzy, your vision goes blurred  and you have difficulty breathing, and your heart goes into a frenzy beat, this sensation just appears at any moment and any place. You are taken by intense fear and insecurity and you are not sure why. In a short period of time it has gone, but you are left with, when will it return? this is what is known as a panic attack.

So how do we identify the alert signs:- 

A panic attack is always associated with dizziness, lack of air etc., we do not know most of the time where and why this comes about, when the attack is over you can feel that you have escaped once again from a dreadful end, you can’t identify the trigger, but you have the feeling of fear that it will happen again. You seek medical help, but most results come back ok, and that you have nothing wrong with you ? so it is suggested you stop worrying, this is not what we want to hear, as we fall into confusion and become more vulnerable, after these type of attacks you even question yourself, is this really me ? is this really happening to me ? 

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Basic Anguish, this is a type of universal fear and one that we all construct in some shape or form through our lifetime, when we see are selves alone and that one day we are going to die, this kind of anguish is a normal common condition, all civilisations go through this, it is common because we all live.Medium Anguish, this  Fear can also be a defense tool, which alerts us of danger,if we cannot avoid it, it allows us to fight it also, it helps with our survival. Our nervous system has the capacity to hold on in there and become stronger with this kind of fear. The panic attack is a combination of basic and medium anguish,the medium anguish becomes a hipersensative alarm, the reasons for this combination is not quite clear,but it has been proven that they do combine and the attack appears, people who suffer from these panic attacks, do not know why, and do not know how to prevent them,they end up feeling very embarrassed and try to hide as best they can , they start to acquire habits that they feel helps them, but what actually happens is you start to limit your life,(maybe staying at home more, not travelling on public transport,avoid meeting new people,not attending social events,and generally try to hide it from friends and families) 

With panic attacks, there are also physical effects that sadly come with it, they can be rigid and tension in muscles, breathing difficulties,migraines and general pain and it also can weaken your immune system. Emotionally you can find yourself with mental blocks,your mind will go into paralisation mode, anxiety and very low self-esteem and depression, you can also suffer from agrofobia or clostrofobia and even fear new experiences in life. 

The good news!! There are a few things you can do to try to prevent these attacks, professional help is always useful, you need to find someone who will motivate you against your anxiety, it is also extremely good to know how to control and relax your body, yoga is perfect for this, mindfulness and breathing exercises will help you. Try to confront the situation by doing your best to lead a normal life, if you can overcome this fear, this will help you to keep away from fear upon fear, which is as destructive as panic. If you keep a journal, you maybe able to pin point what could be the trigger factor, read your journal on a regular basis and reflect on what is going on and the sensation you get from this ,both emotionally and your thoughts. 

Keys for confronting your attacks:- Accept the fear, the sensation you have is constructed in your mind, don’t fight it, just let it flow in and out like a storm that comes and goes. Write your symptoms down, everyone, this way you are focusing and can auto observe how the attack goes little by little. If you can’t manage this, occupy your attention on something else, it can be anything that will keep your attention. Learn how to relax, and apply them when you feel an attack coming on. Start to celibrate your small victories, do not get angry with yourself, give yourself permission to do so, think in a positive manner.  

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7 Comments on “OVERCOME PANIC !!!

  1. Oh, they really are crippling. I’ve had a few and they’ve knocked me for six. The first time I ended up going into hospital for a day as they wanted to check for clots, heart etc. Now the attacks aren’t so frequent but every so often they hit. When the heart starts racing wildly and I feel as though I’m going to pass out I start breathing deeply and I talk myself out of it. It can be hard though but they can be overcome. Great post Brooke and an important topic.


  2. I love how positive and inspiring and helpful your posts are Brooke- do you ever feel less positive haha 🙂 It’s AWESOME!


    • Oh yes, I have my days like everybody else, but each day I try to pay less attention to it, and think to myself, today is my day, and I want to make the most of it, happiness has no price tag, and we all deserve to be happy !!! and if we are not positive for ourselves, who else is going to be. Nobody loves us like we should love ourselves,our biggest love affair is within, then we can truly love everything else in our life !! I loved your comment and thank you for reading, I appreciate your time, have a great day………………….x

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