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I know it is the summer time, and some of you may be experiencing high temperatures, I’m here with 38/40 degrees, its HOT !! However the point I was going to make is, are we boiling our brains and overdoing this “I’m not enough business” between doubt, fear, panic, self-esteem etc………………………………. When are we going to get the message of what we are worth…….A Million Dollars my friends and not a cent less, so lets see how we are going to put these words into solid action,there are many reasons why you feel this way, and I can’t possibly mention them all, but how we correct this usually all go the same way, there is a pattern.

The first thing that will stand out here, no matter what the why, is the focus we are giving it (we do this) we look for what is missing, but you know if you go out into the world, it really is pretty amazing…I am sure,just where you live, there are things of true beauty, amazing things you have never noticed, because due to your, lets call it problem, you don’t see anything, it is like you live with blinkers on, open up, open your heart, open to the world, nobody is going to run away with your heart, its yours remember….. when we don’t see beauty around us, we don’t see it anywhere, not within our life, not within our home,family, work, no where, so it’s an important step to waken up and notice the beauty around you, you can do this, you do not need the help of anyone and it costs nothing. Decide to find one thing today/tomorrow that you find beautiful or that you can appreciate, you should be able to see a hundred, but one will do for a start. If you feel that something is holding you back,to feel sure of yourself and have the confidence you think you are lacking, the internet is a wonderful form of information, there are courses, videos blogs, everything you can think of that will be designed to what you want to know, this again does not have to cost you money, (we can do this) Guilt is another rock that we like to carry around with us, if it is past tense, which is usually the case, it is past, gone, finished nothing will change it, so the fact that your whole focus is there, is telling you that you are living in the past, DO you know what you are MISSING in your present, also by being totally focused in this, the chances of it reoccurring are great, remember what you think is what you get!! So, first rule let it go, nothing at all that you do will change it, so give yourself a chance and change those thoughts, start to think of how you would like it to be, no matter what it is, and never forget that others may have the problem not you. When I have clients with this type of problem, I usually do a little exercise, I go outside with a bag, and for every problem,fobia whatever you wish to call it, is bothering you, we look for good size stones and place them in the bag one at a time, now lift that bag, it will be heavy, that is what you are carrying around with you 24/7, imagine the pressure, the strain this is having on your life and health, as you start to resolve each one in your mind, take a stone away….. you get the idea, this is a great exercise, I wish I could do it with you, but each stone has its own solution. I can tell you that nothing from the past can be changed, so accept this and let it go, drop that stone, if you wish to change your direction in life, start to get the information, drop that stone and move forward, if you want love in your life, give love in your everyday life and bring love into your life,imagine the kind of person you want,write down the details,drop that stone and get out there, if you stay at home all the time, you will meet no one, take action(you do this) 

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When we start to notice what is around us and the beauty, you will see that nature can be a great help, to walk with nature, fills us with peace,we become calm we breath good fresh air in, and let the old out.As a tree grows, it will grow strong and expand, it opens itself to the world, its branches reach out, do you remember the post about planting the seeds, this is your chance to plant your new seeds, with no panic, no fear, this is you,what have you to fear, all these emotions are feelings, we allow the feelings in by what we are thinking, so you do control this, when you start to think differently your feelings are different and your emotions will change. You may think this is very difficult to do alone, I understand you,but, you can do it, just one thought a day,

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Don’t be a one page person, go for it, this is your life, and if you decide it could be quite amazing, you will see that through this post I have written a few times (this is you) my reason for this, is for you to see the importance you have, you can turn all this around, you can come out of the dark and into the light, expand and reach out, if you wish to ask me anything specific, and if I can help please feel free to email me at :- 

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7 Comments on “OPEN YOUR HORIZONS…..

  1. Lovely post! Yes we all need to see more of the beauty around us and more often. Fuels the soul to see and embrace God’s hands!


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