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Tai Chi, A gentle way to fight stress, an exercise of internal energy, another form of energy healing.

Tai Chi was originally a martial art, developed in the 13th century in China. Today it is a healthy exercise with many health benefits, different styles practised around the world, by any age group.

Any age group can participate in this wonderful activity, it can reduce stress, improve balance and general mobility, it also increase’s muscle strength in the legs – it also improves balance which can prevent silly falls. Tai Chi is known as a low impact exercise as it puts very little pressure on your bones or joints. This is why it is ideal for all ages, Tai Chi really is for everyone. 

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There are different types of Tai Chi, yang, chen and wu, a combination can be used, the difference lie’s in the speed of movement, and the way the body holds the postures.

Tai Chi is known for its slow, graceful movements, gentle on joints and muscles, the movements flow from one to another. Tai Chi is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety also increasing flexibility and balance. Tai Chi is like meditation in motion, involving the slow movements, a focused manner and deep breathing, it promotes serenity. The body is in constant motion, Tai Chi is different from Yoga.

Tai Chi is inexpensive, requires no special equipment, it can be done indoors and outside, alone or in a group.The movements in Tai Chi, have wonderful names, which help you to go from one step to the other, Calming the water, pushing the water,circle the globe, hands waving clouds, to name a few, and you will always close with Lotus flower closing, if you have never tried Tai Chi, I personally love it and I am sure you will to………..give it a try. 

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5 Responses to TAI-CHI..

  1. Geena says:

    I am intrigued. Would like to try it. But where do I learn it from?

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  2. Miriam says:

    My mum used to do tai-chi. She loved it.

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