Faking it !

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You know the saying “Fake it till you make it” you can actually instruct your brain, to put on a brave face, in this case a happy face, and it does work, for those that want to see this. But inside we know if we are happy or not, so why fake it, do we want to kid ourselves, I personally also think, that, people who know us really well, will also know and if they don’t , they should !! 

When we start to observe people, you will notice that happy people will think about what they want, then they follow up with action they can take to get it (how ?) They are known as positive people. Now, unhappy people think about what they don’t want, and who they can blame for their circumstances, do you know anyone like this ? unhappy people love to blame others, it is so easy to pass the book as they say! where as a simple I’m sorry, I made the wrong decision would be enough for people to see who you are, although I have to say, if it is to another unhappy person, little they can say or do will make a situation right, the only thing they all accomplish here is they show that they are unhappy, and normal reasoning will go out of the window. When people are happy, they are also more open to seeing, how a mistake can happen or whatever the situation may be and therefore find forgiveness easier than unhappy people. So generally speaking unhappy people are more negative. 

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Can someone be happy in an unhappy world ? Of course they can, because within the world, is their world, the family that they love and the direct people within that world, they cannot change the outer world that we all live in, we can’t stop wars, cruelty hardship that is out of our reach, many of us wish we could. We can do what is in our power with support, charity work etc., When we fake it we have to realise that we are, are own cause of happiness, the only person that can make you happy or unhappy is yourself, you and only you have the ability to create happiness for yourself. You may feel that this is not true, just think for a moment, we all have a choice… and that includes being happy or unhappy. 

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You all know that at times we have faked it.. we can smile even though we are hurting and we can feel happy even though we are unhappy………This is called strength ! We also know that we can run but we cannot hide, and we can be happy or unhappy anywhere in the world…it is a feeling within you, here again you have a choice. If it is forgiveness you need to give to be happy, do it, this is your life also, here you may want to remember the Universal Law of Allowance, you don’t have to agree you just need to accept. Many different things can make us happy or unhappy, but life is short, we never know how long or short that is going to be, and forgiveness for happiness is something we can all do now…today, tomorrow we just don’t know, if unhappiness is due to something like this, make yourself happy now while you can tomorrow anything can happen. images happy & unhappy masks

We need to stop looking for reasons to be unhappy, FOCUS on the things you do have, and these are the reasons you can be happy.  ….Happiness – Reality- Expectations….

Don’t fake it………..Make it happen…..you always have that choice !







About theutopiauniverse

It's time to payback all the good in our lives,to pass to each other everything we have learned,the knowledge we have stored within, and the love we have to share. I am a fully qualified Psychologist,Life Coach,Performance Consultant & LOA Practitioner. I have shared this blog with everyone since February 2013, I have been able to help many,but also been helped by many,this I am truly grateful for and thank everyone for your support and advice.Should you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so,my email is open to you all. I look forward to hearing from you.
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10 Responses to A – Z CHALLENGE

  1. DaisyWillows says:

    Excellent post Brooke. No matter how many places you run to to find happiness – the one place you have a chance of finding it is not running and be still and look within xx @Daisy from
    Daisyinthe willows

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  2. Soul Gifts says:

    Our thoughts create our reality 🙂 I’m a glass half full kinda gal.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Miriam says:

    I love this post Brooke, it’s so true and so heartfelt, we are really the masters of our own thoughts. Focusing on the positives is always better. Thanks for the great reminders. A Fabulous F post.

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  4. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, “There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path”. 🙂


  5. roach59 says:

    Great post Brooke. I am on the page that says “faith it”….’til you make it…


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