How often do we use our sensory perception, fully use ? In my recent posts I have written about stress and the power of natural healing, I am going to continue this week to open us up to more ways to find relaxation and awareness , we really do not need to go out into the jungle to experience transformation and the power of nature in healing. We just really need to improve our ability to look, listen, smell, taste, touch, and imagine, when we do this anywhere we may be, a local park, village garden etc, can be a totally wonderful experience. To achieve this, it is like anything else, practice brings us to perfection of these skills.

images vision


When you are out and about in a green zone, countryside, park or garden try to focus on one plant, take in the details of its shape colour and texture, once you feel that you have taken in every aspect of this plant, take a look around it, what lies behind it, the side, the front, then you will notice the harmony in which it lies with other plants and trees, the grass everything around it, its exactly this, see your plant, as a whole. When you learn to appreciate this complete unit, you will also have the ability to see what you previously could not see, this is how an artist would see things. Once you have done this you will notice this plant wherever you go, it will jump out at you where as before you would not of noticed it, this will give a whole new meaning to your “nature” world. 


Don’t you just love the rain, not when your in it, getting wet, but when you are indoors, or under shelter, and the rain comes down,try this, close your eyes and listen. Try to drift away with the rain, if your indoors this may be easier to listen to, of course failing rain you can seek out moving water, a stream, a flowing river even a waterfall, waves crashing on rocks. On a windy day, the leaves in a tree make a wonderful noise, but have you ever really listened, do you stop to take it in, probaly not, we are so busy with other things,but if we stopped from time to time to listen to those leaves, that water, or the birds, a busy busy bee, this can bring you so much calm, which will reduce your stress level. We live in such a loud world, we easily don’t really hear the natural sounds, just traffic and machines !! All these noises create tension, where as the sounds of nature will fill us with inner stillness and clarity, we find peace. There is a great difference between hearing and listening .

 images hearing


Do you have a sensitive nose or not, all plants have a odour, and an aromatic plant more, and this can depend on weather conditions season and even the time of day. These conditions will define the strength of the fragance, then of course we have night scented flowers such as Jasmine honeysuckle, most aromatic plants smell best at midday, also the fragance is stronger during the summer hot months, and of course the soil has a smell of its own when warm and moist. What you need to know is that you should never smell more than three things at any given time, be it plants, perfume etc., after this the smells will combine and you will not be able to smell any correctly. Before you begin, breathe slowly and deeply, allowing yourself to relax into a receptive state. If you are smelling oils or perfume, try to put the fragance on a sheet of blotting paper and wave it just below your nose. Strangely many people have an emotional response to scent smells, this is due to most scents will remind us of a fond memory, or we find ourselves thinking it reminds us of something but we just can’t put our finger on it. The next time you smell a fragant plant or oil, remember what the scent makes you think of. It could be something you would like to remember, it creates an image that you would like to repeat. It makes you feel calm. Natural scents like walking in a forest after the rain, can take your stress levels down very quickly, the use of burners are used more and more during yoga, therapy, relaxation etc., the power of smell can be extremley beneficial to reducing your stress and obtaining well being. 


images perfume bottles

Tomorrow ;- Taste, Touch & Imagination.















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8 Responses to SENSORY PERCEPTION…….

  1. Miriam says:

    So very true. It’s all about slowing down to enjoy everything around us with all of our senses.


  2. Ioana says:

    Referring to smell, I bet there is such a big connection between the perfumes we choose to wear and how they make is feel, they can probably add a little confidence in areas where we need…this is interesting…:D


  3. roach59 says:

    Great post… We are often too busy to see, hear, or smell that which is around us. Ours is a microwave society and most people love to just push a button for it to happen and then we’re on to the next thing. This post is a reminder to just slow it all down. I love it!


  4. Great post! We all need to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature and what’s around us. I also like the fact that you tell us what’s coming up next. 😊


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