You know, you love the ground you walk on or would you like to be a little ant and get into the cracks that are on the pavement, or maybe even disappear, they can be both faces on the same coin, it’s an inferiority complex, to achieve a true I love me relationship with yourself, there are things you can do.

Imagen your worth it

Look after yourself, even spoil yourself, look for things during your daily activities that make you feel good and give yourself little treats during the day.

Try not to judge, just resolve the problem as it comes along, It is not important if it is good or bad just what are we going to do and how are we going to handle it, one step at a time.

Trust in yourself to resolve this just as good as anyone else, if the result you achieve makes you feel good, don’t compare yourself with others, you are you and you are unique.

Make a list of all the good things in your life and that you value. 

When you have a problem, try not to compare it with anything previous, Instead of confirming how bad everything is going consider each problem as an opportunity of learning and to do things in a different way.

Remember there are many ways to get to your objective, (work, relationship etc.,) don’t close yourself of from changing, don’t resist 

Love yourself and let other’s value you, don’t disregard the positive opinion that people give you and have for you.

Allow yourself to feel grateful for what you recieve.

When you realise yourself that you see life in a negative way, give yourself the opportunity to try just how it could work out from an optimist and confidence point of view, and of course make peace with the past. From everything we learn……………………….images Love yourself



13 Comments on “YOUR WORTH IT……………….

  1. “From everything we learn……………………….”
    You said it all with this last statement. That’s why we have to be open-minded and to allow new ideas/thoughts to flow through us. Everything is so situational AND… The situations don’t change. The faces do!

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