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I went about my normal day today, and instantly had a smile and felt happy, living on the mediterranean gives you lots of bright days, it’s not sunshine all the time, but we don’t tend to get smoggy skies, it can be cloudy some days and even the odd low temperature, but generally it’s pretty good, and that makes a big difference when you go out to start your day, already spring can be seen, the almond tree’s are in full bloom, beautiful pink and white flowers are all around, and with a little breeze, a  carpet of colour lies at your feet. making your way around a very pleasant experience, the almond perfume is in the air, coffee shops and terraces busy, a very mediterranean way of life, and people love to talk, and not always in a european quiet way, and they would be totally lost without their hands and arms, there body posture making it easy to read, how they feel and how their day is going. Early morning see’s the mothers who have just left their children at school, and now winding down after the getting ready and breakfast rush, and even maybe a little tear at the school gate, any of us with children will have experienced this,they sit and chat and compare their motherly commitments, other mothers take the coffee and rush of to work, the working mum has a totally different appearance and posture, you see the way we move through are day or life, can tell us everything we need to know, slumped shoulders and head down is definetly a person who is not very happy and would probaly just want to be invisable to the world, why ? they could have stress, depression,I mentioned yesterday that if you live in fear and anxiety you are not part of the world, you shy away from it, or hopefully they are just having a bad day, but this is not likely to change their body posture so quickly, so this is someone that could need a little TLC and have their place in the world, given back to them, so if someone near to you is like this, reach out and make a difference, however you will need that person to want that, they tend to find being a victim their comfort zone, but a little love can go a long way………love is a great medicine, now the other side of the coin our the happy people, they step out with vigor, head held high, shoulders back welcoming the world and ready for opportunities, that will not pass by them, this does not mean that they do not need TLC, we all need love in our life, and the more the better, this can come in many ways, a simple good morning from a total stranger can mean alot to some, this I am happy to say is very much tradition here when we are treated in the right manner in an office, supermarket in our general day we instantly feel good and happy. This should be a normal thing to happen, but sadly this is not the case, so when we come across these not so happy people, take a second and think ! We are happy and hopefully the person infront of you might be also happy real soon, happiness can be contagious so be happy for them and let them see that when you are in the world, its a great place to be, happy alive and enjoying everyday.

Have a happy day…………………….


5 Comments on “HAVE A HAPPY DAY !!

  1. Un petit bonjour, un sourire, des arbres en fleurs, du soleil …. OUI regardons autour de nous et passons une bonne journée ! à très bientôt …..


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