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Even today, in the year 2016, is a woman given the same consideration as her male counterpart,  is she  always expected to do more, perform better in her job, and is always under the spotlight, just waiting for the light to shine on a small mistake ?

Do they still feel bad, even when everyone tells her how fantastic she looks and is, do they still feel guilty for not being enough time with their children, do people see that when their working professional day is over, they simple move on to their working family night, this could include, food shopping, collecting children, a school meeting, then meals at home, bathing children, story time and then bed time for the children, and it is not over yet, they have a home to take care of, washing and maybe ironing that is shouting at her from a basket somewhere, and this list can go on and on ! so who demands the most of her, herself for wanting to fill every role ? And you know the best of it all, she does it, she takes it all in her stride and she can accomplish all these things, so who is the stronger sex ? But, who is her worst enemy ? (please dont miss understand me here, I know that there are many men out there, who do this as well, and others that take on alot of house roles to help the working women) and again in some of these cases, she will be told “how lucky they are to have such a good partner” do men hear how lucky they are to have a woman like they have by there side !! They may be told this, but not for what she has accomplished, but maybe more for how she looks, So you see in a way the female always tends to get the short straw, so have things really changed ? And do women want them to? Women are experts at spinning plates, they have the capacity to do more than one thing at once, and do them well.

When a woman demands so much from herself, she can fall into the trap of not seeing her limits, and this in turn will bring stress, if as a working woman, you have the opportunity of help from your partner,or help in general, take it, you are not giving away your power or showing a weakness, think of it in a different way, in a professional atmosphere and the work pile was growing you would choose to employ another person, to lift your work load with the employment of another (help), you would feel comfortable with this decision so why would you feel different if it is concerning you, your family surroundings and most important your well being. When you look at it this way it is simple, it is just a question of mind set towards this situation. Mind set is important in everything we do, to make a change in our life, the mind has to accept the change first.

Never forget we are all super heros……..but…….it is always better to be a calm collected super hero than a stressed super hero……..



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