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You, look into the mirror and find something you are not happy with, you automatically compare yourself with another person, your nose, your hair, your mouth and we begin to make our life hell, it becomes an obsession ! Analise yourself a little here and think how you feel, don’t make a complex make you feel inferior and ruin your everyday life.

What is a complex…It is an idea and feelings that we feel about ourselves and then feel about it in a negative way, we magnify it and it can actually make a change in our personality, in fact in the end you believe this complex is really there and you are not even conscious that it is not. The only way to get over this is to recognise this and look it straight in the eye it is essential if you wish to be happy with yourself.

Many complex’s are formed in our infant years, and very often by the way the parents atitude and behaviour is showed to their children, if a child is told at a young age , that they are inconstant, unaware of everything and slow, this child will grow believing this and will accept it as part of their character. Teenages are also very open to this, and it can stay with them for many years and in somecase’s all their life, especially if they are compared with top models and people of the moment, through tv or magazines, many do not realise or are not aware that this is not how they really are, they also get out of bed feeling tired and drained not how they look on a magazine

HOW TO GET THE BETTER OF IT…..Many are not fully conscious of their complex/obsession because they feel ugly, small, fat or whatever they have convinced themselves of, they cannot get this out of their minds, and don’t see how it shows in their behaviour and everyday situations. Therefore it is important to have a mental change, to really look inside and to see how it is an influence in their life and what value they would give it. The first thing to do is to let them see the defect (they think) and for them to see what is happening and that they should never compare themselves to anyone. You can find help from a professional, which does not have to be medication, they need to face reality and to see things from a different prospective, a complex can be overcome when you start to feel good with yourself and to remember that the beauty in a person is not on the outside but on the inside.When you feel comfortable in your own skin and confident within yourself, you may find a charisma that is totally irresistable and therefore considered a very attractive person.



3 Comments on “COMPLEX…NO WAY !!

  1. Me gusta el tema ! Si tenemos un complejo, que somos consciente, y que podemos encontrar una cura para ocultar lo , nos sientamos mucho mejor, y poco a poco acostumbrarse……..tu blog es realmente genial !!!


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