We have learn’t alot so far this year, so let’s add some visual aids, and really open our eye’s to the wonderful life we really want………

A dream board             A fantastic tool to really help you see, what you want and can be   seen as many times during the day as you wish, always place it near your desk, or somewhere in your home where you will see it easily.

Your wish list                You will have your wish list, place it on your board, it will have every detail that is in your mind, it will help you to focus daily on your goals.

Affirmations                  This is normally a simple statement, that aids your beliefs and keeps you in a forward motion, place them on your board, everytime you pass, read them as many times as possible, until you know them back to front, this will then be embedded into your sub-conscious and will be with you all day long.

Magic cheque                   Write your own cheque, dream big, place it on the board, it will help you to connect with your emotion’s, how will you feel when you have that cheque in cash in your hands, this visually represents part of your dream.What would you do with it and why. Think of these things everytime you see the cheque.

Like list                               Your confidence needs to be high and should be, remember you are unique, nobody else out there is like you, so make a list of the top ten things you like about yourself most, this makes you feel good and deserving, you believe and deserve to reach your goals. This list will take away negativity from our thoughts and replace it with positive one’s.

Your stuff                            Anything that makes you feel good, keep you on track, maybe a family photo, the car you desire, anything that keeps you in the right mind-set, anything associated to your dream, use the board to help yourself to keep focused 24/7 on what you want and where you want to go, if it’s a holiday, get those beach/mountain/sea scenes etc., up there, your perfect partner what ever you wish for.

You now know that you have the inner power to achieve anything you set your mind on, great things are coming into your life, and you are making it happen. So, don’t work yourself into the ground, use the tools available to you, create them yourself, keep focused, let your desire grow, feel the dream come true, keep your strong belief in yourself  and you can and will achieve what you want, things happen, people cross your path that can help you, things start to fall into place. Never give up, keep going, as I said before, you never know how close you are, when the time is right your dreams come true, be alert and act when necessary .

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