Why is fear present in our life, how does it appear in our life, it is actualy part of our emotional pain, and you know a little fear is actually good for our own protection. We know fire can burn, so we don’t put our fingers in….Do we ?

So, we have established that you are not going to put your fingers in the fire, right …but we dont because we know we will burn ourselves, not by fear. You see we dont have to have fear, to have common sense, and we learn these things as we grow and our everyday experiences. Now if we were pushed into a corner at knife point it’s possible you will feel fear, you instantly want to get away from this situation, but this is not physcological fear , this kind of fear is set apart from any real or imediate fear. Physcological fear can be felt in many ways, worry, nerves, anxiety tension fobias etc., it is always associated with things that could happen, not something that is happening. We are in the NOW but your mind is in the future, this creates anxiety you have temporary lost your power, and within the simplicity of NOW your anxiety will continue. Although we identify this in our minds, our ego directs our life, due to our defense tools and our fantasy mind, our ego is vulnerable and not sure of its self,this makes us feel afraid continually. Emotions are created by our body/mind reaction, so the message from our ego although false is sent by our mind, we are afraid, the emotion we feel is FEAR….FEAR can be brought on by many things, our fear of failure,our fear of loss, our fear of being hurt etc., all related to our ego, many war and relationships have ended badly, by our ego, sending the message of, we have fear of………….whatever it is. When we realise this our NOW could be different, when we stop allowing our ego to send those messages, when we connect with our power again, we are back in control, and therefore can handle our fear from within and not from our ego, when we allow our ego to direct our life, we are never totally calm and at peace, you will only feel at peace for short periods when you obtain what you wish, you will always need to feed your ego through material objects, status , how you look etc., this is not really you, it is your ego at work… Do you feel fear knowing this or do you feel relieved only you can make this decision, in the NOW the closer you are to your true self and believes about yourself, the density of fear is less, the more you see yourself as someone you are not, the fear can be felt on an increase. Your ego has a lot to answer for here.

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