There are many ways to see a gift, everyday a new way to focus or express a gift is formed, Life is a gift, but many don’t see this, all the experiences we have positive or other wise is a gift, the people that share your life are gifts, they are presented to us to transform and fill our lifes, to be aware of what is around us and everything that is in this world, because we have the gift, we all have a gift, a purpose in life, when we know our purpose is when our gift truly shines. We do not have to be Mother Teresa or Ghandi , we all have a gift to give.

You have to believe it is not difficult to find, it is in you, and has always been with you, all your life, it is exclusively yours,unique to you and your persona, it can be described as your nature, the essence of yourself that is in harmony with the universe, your passion, your calling, your love and happiness that you share with the world. The secret is to know yourself, every part of you and your thoughts how you react to situations in and around you. Many times in our life we take a lot of our time, trying to see how another person is, what makes them tick, sometimes we get it right, but sometimes we don’t. But, do we ever really do the same for ourselves, probaly not, it is never to late to get to know your self, the important thing here, is to do it, to know yourself so well, the good, the not so good and the ugly as they say.This is the moment of truth with yourself, if you don’t know yourself to well, or if you are still searching for your true purpose, your gift, this journey is about honesty, understanding and appreciation of your personal essence. Don’t think of anything you do badly, only think of the things you are good at, don’t think of what other’s say about you,it is your opinion that counts, and only that, this is your emotions, thoughts, your gift is full of patience and if it has waited a long time to be found this is not a problem, anyone who has found their gift will tell you that you need to be strong and disciplined, and a promise to follow your heart, your inner intuition, it’s not enough to just give attention, you have to go to where this may direct you, and give enough strength to your gift for it to spring into life. We are all capable of finding our gift, maybe many things we have already realised in our life has taken us down the road to our gift, but not quite there, you can be so close, which is why you should never give up, your gift could lie in your business, that extra strength and honesty may take you that last mile to be extremley successful, it could be a hobby, do you paint, write good at interacting with others, you just never know how close you are. Accept the possibility that your gift exists and that you are special unique in every way, you can give and receive love and you are more than qualified to find your gift, your purpose in life.  If you find your gift,and your purpose is something that you have never done, something totally new, don’t be afraid, get in touch with your strength, it’s waiting for you, find the knowledge you need, things will start to fall into place for you and start your journey towards your gift. Your purpose and you belong together, you will be happy and in harmony with the universe and your true self. Step up, step out and step forward.


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