images sign toxicSo, how are we doing with our inspiration and motivation and this great 2016, it’s only the 6th so we should still be on our high and full of new intention’s, however if you have had full family & friend quality time these holiday’s, and you have one or more toxic member’s, also known as emotional leech’s , that drain every bit of life and energy from you, but don’t worry, it can be solved.

Don’t feel bad towards them, just try to understand them better and at the same time help yourself, you are always better without these people in your life but of course to eliminate them is at times impossible and maybe you don’t want to and would feel very uncomfortable about them not being in your life, we choose our friends most of the time, but not our family, however we love them dearly just the same. When we spend time with a person who is an emotional leech, in quantum physics terms this is a low negative energy field person, sadly they will  have the ability to affect our energy field. It is important to be strong of mind at all times, don’t let them get at you, emotional leech’s will tend to suffer from various illness’s or depression, they will have a negative view point on most subjects and could of suffered a trauma during their life, that was not addressed correctly at the time, so infact these people need your help, not your energy, but, of course they do not see this, so we need to have more patience that normal, alot more, and I know that this is not easy, however where we hold the upper hand is that we do know, about them and there energy field, we know that we hold a high energy field and that we are going to keep it, this alone will help us to keep our mind focused on not letting go of any energy , and maintain our own energy and positivity, remember we are in control, of our thoughts and emotions, no one that is not of our choice should be allowed entry.        There is a saying ” You can only attract to you, that which vibrates in harmony with you ” So, if you let that low energy person bring you down………you know the answer, We all live in an ocean of motion, everything is in constant movement, including you, also remember that the low energy person is probaly totally unaware of how they are,seeking your energy levels, but you do, use this to your advantage by keeping your levels high, this is like anything else, it needs to become an automatic habit that with constant practise will become that, prepare and keep going.









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