What is change – to exchange one thing for another thing. To become different somehow compared to what it is at present. To give a completely different form or appearance, to transform .

So, in other words if you are unsatisfied with your abilities and beliefs we need to Change, to become satisfied ….. Change is important for all of us, we need to be able to change, to fit into our ever changing life and situations, it is a part of growth, our personal growth. Many people fight change, why, maybe because we hold belief’s from the past, that we have breed into us from childhood, and some just do not like change on any level, but it is inevitable, for us to move forward in our workplace, home, relationships, even down to driving a new car, we need to change our way of driving, because the car is different . So, as you can see, we really can’t get away from change, we need to look at it as a welcome thing in our life’s, when we use new skills we change our approach, when we fall and twist our ankle, we change the way we move for a while, so why is it so difficult to change our views on things, the reason is our minds , we use our minds to make any kind of change, drive, walk, are done on an automatic level, and we will use them all our life, however when we need to change our way of thinking to create our abilities and believe that we can achieve what we want in our life, we need to overide our existing thoughts and create new one’s, new pathways into our mind, over a period of time, our new thoughts will become automatic, it takes time and concentration but, when it becomes automatic to you, it will just form part of your life, and your life will change, you will become the person you want to be, with your abilities and beliefs. Remember we are on a Christmas count down, so what are you waiting for to change the things in your life, that you want to change…….

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