For most, this is a sensitive subject…………but think of all the advantages you actually gain, at the end of the day age is just numbers, usually just two, and if you are very lucky maybe 3 !!!growing older really is a state of mind, if you look after your body, your body will look after you… I truly believe this and have seen older people look and feel absolutely fanastic, when you are younger and wish to have a more muscular body or even a fit body, you work at it, and as you get older it is exactly the same, but with a great advantage you have years of experience, patience and time,you have probaly had children and know the discipline you need in routines and everyday living, when you are young you don’t have that, you just get the shock treatment when a third mini person enter’s your life…. I’m sure you know what I mean, however as we get older and things have certainly changed since the days of our grandparents, you really can do anything you want, we hear of people in there 70’s and 80’s sky diving, conquered Everest and much more, it’s down to you and nobody else, how you care for yourself and your mind, gone are the days of juggling children’s car seats, big cars for all the family being on a family schedule as apposed to your own, the world is your’s and it’s never to late to start something new, even a business,if you have the intention there is nothing you cannot do.

Society try’s to tell you that everything now adays belong to the young generation, being an older person doe’s not mean you have lost your sense of self achievement, or your zest for life

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