You will by now have a good idea on WHO YOU ARE, but do you see yourself through your eyes or that of others, are whole life is based on this opinion that we have, the good,the bad and what could for sure be better, if you think you are now in a position to know WHO YOU ARE you should be able to look back at things that have happened in your life, and know who you were at that point, this is a good way to look for improvement or recuperacion, the times that were not so good, you should be able to pin point now,and see where you or things went wrong, how you reacted to certain circumstances or the decisions you made, you may of made that decision to please someone else, while inside your gut feeling was telling you to go in the opposite direction that you did, this is where you have to see how important your intuition is, your inner strength will never go against you. If you look back and see times when you were very happy with the decisions you made then you need to work on recuperating that feeling and be the person you were then, I am not referring to when you were young and had no responsibilities(they were different times for everyone) but we are still all the same people,and we make or made our decisions.Don’t forget that who you are or were has been with you a long time, a life time in fact,good or bad, to change it you have to have a good concept of yourself. So, take that baggage you are carrying around with you and finally unpack or deposit it for good,only this way can you move forward, in the direction you want to go…………….Bon Voyage 


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