Finally Christmas time is over, only just here in Spain, you may not know that the holidays go to the 7th January, Spain holds the tradition of the The Three Kings, who visit from the Orient on the night of the 5th, we have fabulous “cavalgatas” in the street with camels and thrones bringing the Three Kings bearing there gifts (This in Spain, is like Christmas Eve) the children get very excited and wait for there gifts from the Kings, the 6th is a family day when everyone gets together (Christmas Day) 

I am sure we have all been with the people with love during these holidays, where ever in the world you may be, Christmas is usually a holiday when for once for one or two days we can forget about our daily routines and enjoy the festive time and the people we have around us, for some of us it is time when we see people that we have not seen in a long time, family and friends and then of course comes the goodbyes and we sink a little in spirit,but we are fortunate to carry that with us and appreciate the time we had, we can keep that happy festive feeling a little longer,of course it is also a time when our loved ones who are no longer with us are remembered more and sadly missed, again I think if we can remember all the lovely times we have had with them and truly believe that they are always with us, in some form, we can obtain great comfort from this and enjoy the inner peace that gives us. I know my loved ones would want me and my family to be happy and enjoy our time together and I hope I managed to do that and made them happy. 

Well, the New Year is here……………………..2014 here we come, we all ask, what will this year bring,will we be happy,will we work well,will are health be fine,my family all the thoughts that go through our minds, everyone is different and we all want different things,so now is your time to start to make your own reality, make this the year we want it to be, by our thoughts,picture what you want in your mind,and think about it as often as you can,imagine you have all that you need and want,live the experience in your mind, and never loose sight of your vision of your life, your dreams, I wish you all sweet dreams and an exceptional HAPPY NEW YEAR this is your year.

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