From my last post I hope you are enjoying your new energy levels,now we need to take that and turn it into energetic value in the presence and look into the world, how you present yourself is very important, if you have all this new found energy and don’t show it on the outside, take those shoulders back,lift that chin up and smile with confidence, if you see someone with the head down,round shoulders and a big frown, would you take notice,look at them twice,no, you probaly would not,these people go through life invisable and whats more they do not value themselves,if you stand up and present yourself to the world with pride you value yourself,and the world will value you. The way you care for your body,how you dress tells everyone how you feel, this is your presentation card, and as the saying goes first impression’s stick… is the first thoughts they have of you and what they see.

You will feel more confident and alive not invisable to anyone,your inner power and presence is seen,you make these decision’s.we are not talking about what nature has given you,if you are small,tall,attractive or pleasing,what you project out of your inner self is very important,sometimes we meet people and later think,there is something I like,feel,love about that person,but I can’t put my finger on it. They have projected to you everything we are talking about here, they are confident,they hold themselves well,there pride in themselves is being shown to the world,This would show in a professional setting that you are organised,detailed and efficent,and have confidence in yourself and work place to represent your future employer to a high standard.If we are referring to a social setting you will be popular and outgoing someone people would want to be around, a leader in any situation,remember if you value yourself you WILL be valued.How you look now has nothing to do with money,your inner strength and power will bring that confidence out and it will show,so put your best outfit on,be conscious of your posture and take your new energy and energetic value out for a walk.

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