How many opportunities do you let pass you by,? Do you value yourself and others? maybe opportunity has passed you by,because you will not ask for what you want………Everyday is an opportunity to speak up and let the experience be a good one, if you value yourself you should speak for what you want, we spoke about fear in my last post, and by not speaking up is a form of fear,if people do not know what you want, the opportunity can not be given, and an opportunity will be lost. Not to speak up is generally connected to rejection in your life,your past life, the worse that can happen when you speak up is that you recieve a NO….a two letter word,is that really so bad, at least you have expressed yourself,you have valued yourself and you will feel much better,if you always keep everything inside the opportunities that you miss can have a tremendous action on your life, this could be in your relationships, at work,everyday life and socially, Let your sub-conscious feel you can have what you want,go ahead and ask,express yourself.Your time,energy and expertise deserve to be attended.

So go ahead ask and you will recieve all the opportunites that are rightly yours,!!

Value yourself and you will be valued.

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