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When you choose your life partner, you have to choose really well, this is not an easy decision for anyone, nobody ever know’s, but from this decision depends a lot, it is said that it can be 90% happiness or misery. It is essential that you marry for love, other interests should not be considered, you should always be prepared to make sacrifices and … Read More A PARTNER FOR LIFE………


Transforming Suffering: Trying to avoid our problems or simply not thinking about them may provide temporary relief, but I think that there is a better approach. If you directly confront your suffering, you will be in a better position to appreciate the depth and nature of the problem. If you are in a battle, as long as you remain ignorant of the status and … Read More MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION


Overcoming Obstacles……………. “Whatever steps, however small, one can take towards learning to reduce the influence of the negative emotions can be very helpful. It can definitely help one live a happier and more satisfying life.”   “Learning and education are important because they help one develop conviction of the need to change, and help increase one’s commitment. This conviction to change then develops into … Read More MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION.

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